The selected works of Elijah Gall.

A multi-disciplined designer based in Melbourne/Naarm.

Welcome to my digital garden! This is a space for me to showcase personal projects, experiments, and other design explorations.

A poster with a distorted image of musician Orville Peck with the text Orville Peck at the top and Nothing fades like the light at the bottom.
A 3D render of inflated text with the letters F O R E G.

I'm a designer based in Naarm/Melbourne—helping brands shape their identity through thoughtful design and communications.

With a background design and communication, I'm passionate about the powerful impact good design can have and I have a unique understanding of how they can work together to inform and delight audiences.

When not working on creative projects, I enjoy a Friday arvo beer, going to gigs, and hanging out with my cat.