The selected works of Elijah Gall.

A multi-disciplined designer based in Melbourne/Naarm.

Brand identity (Concept)

Visual identity, Art direction

Architects for Resilient Communities


Architects for Resilient Communities (ARC) is an industry body that promotes sustainable design aimed at creating a more liveable future. They champion better design for the environment and emphasise the important role architecture and design has in our communities.

To reflect ARC's ethos, it was important to create a brand that not only communicated what their role is as an advocacy group but also highlighted their core values as an organisation.

For the brand, I drew inspiration from the natural shapes, forms, and colours of the environment and the connections throughout communities.

By breaking down ARC's core values, I was able to create a logomark that reflects them while also paying homage to natural environment we rely on.

Architects for Resilient Communities Logo Business cards with Architects for Resilient Communities logo's on them
A thin book titled 'Our Charter' with Architects for Resilient Communities branding
An explanation of the meaning in the logo with visual representations to show how the logo was constructed and designed.
Architects for Resilient Communities Logo A tote bag with Architects for Resilient Communities logo on it.

I'm a designer based in Naarm/Melbourne—helping brands shape their identity through thoughtful design and communications.

With a background design and communication, I'm passionate about the powerful impact good design can have and I have a unique understanding of how they can work together to inform and delight audiences.

When not working on creative projects, I enjoy a Friday arvo beer, going to gigs, and hanging out with my cat.