The selected works of Elijah Gall.

A multi-disciplined designer based in Melbourne/Naarm.

Selected posters

Graphic design, Illustrations

Grimshaw Architects


As part of Grimshaw Architects' in-house team, I designed posters, EDMs, and other internal communications. Posters were put on the wall in the office and needed to draw attention so people would take notice of them.

These posters often were in template form for ongoing event series and needed to allow for flexibility in the design for a variety of content. Each poster was adapted to an EDM for the office, so it was important that the design allowed for that to happen.

A person walks past three posters displayed on a wall in an office near the elevator.
Poster template for Grimshaw Poster for a Design Provocation series hosted at Grismhaw Architects Poster for 'Random Acts of Kindness Day' at Grimshaw Architects

I'm a designer based in Naarm/Melbourne—helping brands shape their identity through thoughtful design and communications.

With a background design and communication, I'm passionate about the powerful impact good design can have and I have a unique understanding of how they can work together to inform and delight audiences.

When not working on creative projects, I enjoy a Friday arvo beer, going to gigs, and hanging out with my cat.